Sponsors and Supporters Update: Bonovox Ltd.

register now Heres some more information about one of the stands that will be featured at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010. To register for the event visit www.itlfestival.ie or click on the icon to the left.

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Bonavox Ltd. was founded over forty years ago and was originally involved in the sale of Hearing Aids only. However in an effort to expand the business there was a concerted effort to branch out in to other areas and it was then that there was an interest taken in Deaf Education equipment. Forty years later Bonavox Ltd. are leading suppliers of Education Equipment not only for the hard of hearing but to schools in general.
At the display stand you will see specialized equipment specifically designed for use in Class Rooms. This equipment will include Classroom and personal amplification systems with a number of functions that will improve your students learning environment.
Please take the time to visit the Bonovox stand so that they can demonstrate to you the value of using such equipment in your classroom.

‘At FrontRow, we measure technology leadership by how well it impacts student success. Our goal is to make teaching and learning easier and more effective, and so our core design principal is “strength inside, simplicity outside.” Year after year FrontRow’s California-based engineers have delivered more exciting innovations to fulfill that vision than any other sound system builder’

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Samuel Joyce on July 8, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Will there be an opportunity to purchase resources and technologies at the festival?

    Kind regards,
    Dr. Joyce


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