4C Initiative: Session 2


The ITL Festival is delighted to announce the second of the free 4c Initiative resources is available to stream or download now!

The 4C Initiative is a series of projects aimed at increasing digital content capacity for education on a global scale. With the support of Nominet Trust and Cambridge University Press, 18 free online sessions on various aspects of digital content for education with a particular focus on open and free content have been created and delivered. International experts delivered the sessions on their particular area of expertise. Topics such as digital images, learning objects, reference content, audio, video and lesson plans were discussed in different sessions.

The second session talks about copyright issues when it comes to educational digital content, a topic many teachers are unaware of. The session is given by Ahrash Bissell.

Ahrash Bissell, Executive Director of ccLearn has of late, focused on educational research and technology, pedagogical and curriculum development, assessment (with a focus on critical-thinking skills and metacognition), and facilitating interdisciplinary research, especially via open dissemination, data sharing, and web-based “communities of expertise.” He is also a board member (and current International director) for InnoWorks and a research consultant for the Alexandria Archive Institute.

To stream or download these files simply click on the links below. All of our free 4C Initiative resources will be also itlfestival logoavailable as they come online on the ‘free resources’ tab above. Special thanks to Neil Bruton of 4CInitative for his help.

Session 2: Copyright for Educational Digital Content & Creative Commons (Ahrash Bissell) Streaming Link


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