Promethean Sponsors Irish Teaching and Learning Festival

The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival is sponsored by Promethean and it is supported by a number of other organisations such as the Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland, the Irish National Teachers Organisation, the Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Research Centre, the National Centre for Technology in Education and the Irish Centre for Talented Youth.

About Promethean

Promethean is a global organisation which helps people to unlock the potential of human achievement in education and training. This is done through the creation and development of leading edge, interactive learning technology. The organisation also encourages the growth of the world’s biggest online teaching community in the educational and learning field. In doing so, Promethean is helping to improve engagement and results for learners and teachers alike. Promethean’s success can be attributed to the company’s genuine desire to encourage and create innovative education solutions. One of their products, ActivClassroom, is an example of their industry-leading, comprehensive 21st century classroom solutions. Promethean also provides extensive training and support to over 600,000 members.

Promethean Planet ( is one of the world’s fastest growing online communities for users of interactive display system technology and it provides. In addition to providing user-generated and premium content it also provides teachers with a platform through which they can exchange ideas and experiences. Promethean’s specialised technology is being used to educate in excess of 500,000 classrooms in over 100 countries worldwide (

To find out more about the event visit us @ or register for free by clicking on the link above.


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