4C Initiative 7: Graham Turnbull



The 4C Initiative is a series of projects aimed at increasing digital content capacity for education on a global scale. By providing educators and learners with the skills to discover, use, create and share content with others in the learning community worldwide.

itlfestival logoThe ITL Festival are delighted to join up with the 4C Initiative to share some invital resources to our viewers. Finding and evaluating educational resources online can be challenging for teachers but with these videos and resources, 4C have made it simple! Special thanks to Neil Bruton of 4CInitative for his help

The next topic is delivered by Graham Turnbull on the topic of evaluating and downloading images. 

graham turnbullGraham is the head of enterprises for RCAHMS, he began his career as a teacher of English and then joined the Scottish council for educational technology. As director of operations he was responsible for it and distance learning including multi user administration systems, the herald on CD ROM and application software such as writers toolkit. Work at the European level includes an early involvement in multinational cultural and educational databases for the delta program.

He lectured for 2 years on new media and online marketing and had guest lectured on IPR. As head of education at SCRAN he was responsible for education editorial marketing and intellectual property rights. Awards at SCRAN included the international silver muse and Scottish museum of the year. He was a member of the MGFl steering committee in Scotland and was a consultant to the BBC digital curriculum project. His current responsibilities include the business interests of RCAHMS, IPR, and process control licensing and customer focus development.

To stream or download these files simply click on the links below. All of our free 4C Initiative resources will be also available as they come online on the ‘free resources’ tab above

Session 7: ‘Evaluating & Downloading Images (Graham Turnbull SCRAN) Streaming Link



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