ITL Festival Exhibitor 12 – Media Scene

Media Scene is an educational supplier to over 250 schools and colleges around Ireland. They supply various products such as interactive whiteboards, visualisers, laptops, projectors, printers etc. The company specialise in brand names such as IQboard, Teamboard, Smartboard, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Sony, Philips, Avermedia, Fuji and many more. Media Scene have supplied 9 different Interactive devices in the past year but highly recommend the touch sensitive and dry wipe IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard which is getting great reviews for reliability, ease of use and the great software and resources supplied, all at a cost to rival many IWBs with lower specifications. The company prides itslef on providing the best equipment at exceptional prices and following up with excellent support and service.

We are delighted to announce that Media Scene will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010. The event will be a great opportunity for teachers to try out the exceptional IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard and have all their questions answered.

itlfestival logoFor more information on sponsors and exhibitors visit or Register here!


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