Developing Creative Thinking

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’ – Einstein

The way in which students develop creative thinking has long been researched. In DCU two masters students Sinead Geraghty and Fergus Redican worked with students to see how they apply creative thinking by analysing the gaming and technology industries.

thinking hats logoIn this exciting and cross-curricular session students were allowed play various games and give their reactions. The class were introduced to the concept of Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ to develop idea generation in a friendly and productive manner.

How do ideas come about? The DCU team showed students that sometimes the most successful companies are merely updated versions of previous ones. The trend from Bebo to Facebook was used as one such example of this. Students began to realise that sometimes building on a good idea and making it great can be as productive as thinking of an entirely new one.

If Ireland is ever to become the ‘smart economy’ it hopes to be, the education system needs to create more chances for creative and analytical reasoning skills to be developed. From this new business ideas and companies can emerge.

The class ended on a high with the inspiring Future Technology video clip.


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