ITL Festival Exhibitor 19- Texthelp Systems

Texthelp Systems is the worldwide leader of literacy software solutions. Its premier Education product is Read&Write GOLD, an award-winning literacy support tool designed to help those who require extra assistance when reading and composing text.

Read&Write GOLD is designed specifically to address the needs of students with reading and writing difficulties and works discreetly in the background on all mainstream Windows applications, assisting students with their reading, writing and research needs.

At the core of Read&Write GOLD is its text-to-speech function which improves comprehension levels and enhances access to the curriculum.  The software also encourages students’ independent and inclusive learning.

Texthelp recently launched Fluency Tutor, an online tool designed to help children learn to read and to improve their oral reading skills.  It also helps teachers, by keeping a running record of their pupils’ progress and allowing them to develop individualised instruction.  Supported repeated guided oral reading has consistently been found by educational researchers as the best method for improving fluency in children.

For a demonstration of Read&Write GOLD or Fluency Tutor, visit Texthelp’s stand 7 at Irish Teaching and Learning Festival . Alternatively you can contact the company directly on Tel: +44 (0)28 9442 8105 or Email:

The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival is delighted to announce that Texthelp Systems will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010.

itlfestival logoFor more information on sponsors and exhibitors visit or Register here!


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