Interview with Samantha Clewes

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On Monday, the ITL Festival spoke with Samantha Clewes of Promethean to get an overview of what teachers can expect from the two Promethean conference sessions. Ms. Clewes is a Teaching and Learning consultant and Secondary specialist for Promethean. Previous to this, she worked as a Geography teacher for five years.

samantha clewes photoSamantha Clewes gives  the ITLFestival an overview of what to expect from the two Promethean sessions.

Seminar 1

The first seminar will be held by Samantha and she will give tips on making the most of the interactive whiteboard. By using simple cross curricular tips and features, teachers can make the best use of this piece of technology and generate more inspiration and enthusiasm from it. Aspects will include using colour and media in new ways, and how these tips can aid student learning and special needs education.

Seminar 2

The second talk will be given by Gill Leahy and Janice Blackand who are both former teachers. It will focus on the way the Active expressions can support a curriculum area. The speakers will be concentrating on the Maths curriculum in particular to demonstrate this.

Activexpression600Promethean’s new class of assessment device allows students to express themselves – through words, phrases, symbols, and numbers – and instantly share with the entire class.

Activexpression provides direct communication and contribution to the teacher and the Activboard. Also, with the intuitive design, students are instantly engaged and ready for each lesson.

Samantha Clewes believes that Promethean tools help to aid student interaction and interest in a classroom. The ideas that will be seen at the ITL Festival can be used in a cross-curricular way so students become more engaged and can explore many topics at once.

register now

Both sessions promise to be hugely interesting and informative. To ensure your place at the festival make sure you register now.

The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival in association with Promethean are giving one lucky attendee an ActiveBoard worth a massive €4500. For more information see here for details.


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