Neil Bruton – The 4C Initiative


Content. Capability. Connect. Collaborate.

Neil Bruton, a former Marketing and International Business and Management student of Dublin City University, is currently supporting the 4C Initiative project with funding from Cambridge University Press and the Nominet Trust.

The 4C Initiative is a series of projects aimed at increasing digital content capacity for education on a global scale. It can be used to provide educators and learners with the skills to discover, use, create and share content with others in the learning community worldwide.

Neil Bruton

It is believed that the 4C Initiative can be used to:

• Encourage collaboration within the global education community

• Build digital content publishing capacity

• Advance use of technology and the opportunity of learning through technology

• Encourage the use of the Internet to discover and use learning resources for educational outcomes.

One of the latest initiatives focused on capacity building amongst educators. With the support of Nominet Trust and Cambridge University Press, 18 free online sessions on various aspects of digital content for education with a particular focus on open and free content have been created and delivered. International experts delivered the sessions on their particular area of expertise. All sessions were delivered over Cisco Webex web conferencing system. Topics such as digital images, learning objects, reference content, audio, video and lesson plans were discussed in different sessions. They also looked at how these resources can be sourced, modified and used in the classroom. Sessions looked at issues such as the use of digital games, Google Apps, and interactive whiteboards in the classroom. All sessions were recorded and are available to be viewed at

The ITL Festival are delighted to join up with the 4C Initiative to share some valuable resources with our viewers. Finding educational resources online can be challenging for teachers but with these videos and resources, 4C have made it simple! Special thanks to Neil Bruton of 4C Initative for his help.

itlfestival logoFor more information about the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival visit or Register here!


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