Using Social Media to Support Gifted Learners in Ireland

Teaching gifted children in Ireland can seem as daunting as parenting them. However, there is a wealth of help and information available once you know where and how to look. This seminar will show you how to connect with other educators and parents to share ideas, avail of expertise and find support using social media. It will introduce Twitter’s #gtchat where regulars include gifted education experts, teachers and psychologists, each eager to share their unique perspective. Come and learn how to tap into this vibrant global community and explore new platforms to better serve this school population.

The session will be run by Karen McCarthy whose background is in philosophy and politics and Catherine Riordan who is a doctor. Together they have years of experience in dealing with the particular challenges of raising gifted children within the Irish education system and are passionate advocates for gifted education. They are co-founders of GAS, a Gifted Advocacy and Support group in south Dublin/Wicklow and Irish ambassadors for the global gifted community that is #gtchat on Twitter. They recently launched a gifted education blog,, which aims to open dialogue between all stakeholders in giftedness in Ireland.


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