Interactive White Boards: A Literature Review, National and International.

This presentation will discuss the literature available on IWBs from a national and international perspective. It will draw on the work of Mal Lee, well known Australian educationalist along with material from the US, the UK and more recent work from studies undertaken by Irish primary teachers in their own classrooms and schools. The presentation will also discuss the way the IWB is being integrated into pre-service teacher education, the difficulty these young student teachers face while on Teaching Practice and suggests how schools might support the students while on their practice.

The seminar will be condcuted by Dr. David O Grady, a primary teacher with many years of classroom experience, and has worked on various EU Comenius ICT projects. Dr. O Grady is the producer of Visual Media Resources for classroom use, Director of the Curriculum Development Unit at Mary Immaculate College (1999 – 2005), member of the OECD research team on ICT in Ireland (2000), presents courses on IWB and other ICT related topics  at undergraduate, postgraduate and in-career level and currently is lecturer on ICT in Primary Education at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.


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