Jim Wynn of Promethean

“The objective of Ireland’s Smart Economic Growth Plan is to make Ireland the innovation and commercialisation capital of Europe …  The vision of Ireland as an Innovation Hub by 2020 recognises the value of human capital for Ireland’s economic recovery…  Knowledge is the currency of the innovation economy and the education system is pivotal in making innovation happen.”… This will be the successful formula for the next phase of the development of the Irish economy. “ (http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/AboutUs/Organisation/Building+Irelands+Smart+Economy.htm)

These insightful comments from Building Ireland’s Smart Economy, 2009 clearly demonstrates the importance of an effective education system in Ireland. With all public sector services under intense pressure to reduce costs there needs to be some fresh thinking in education to see how the service can be made fit for the third millennium within much smaller budgets.

The main aim of the service “student achievement”, must keep improving even in this climate. Other appropriate learning experiences, such as collaboration, must be introduced if learners are going to be fit for the world they will join after school especially if Ireland is to succeed as an innovation hub.  These trends and others suggest that some serious thinking has to be done around the curriculum, assessment and how courses are fundamentally constructed and delivered.

I will explain how Promethean is approaching these issues and some of the problems we are going to have to solve to be successful in this climate.

J Wynn.


Jim Wynn joined Promethean in April 2010 as Chief Education Officer, responsible for the company’s education strategy.

Prior to joining Promethean, Mr Wynn led the Public Sector team and Education in the Emerging Markets Public Sector Practice of the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group. Whilst at Cisco, Jim discussed the opportunity of building an e-learning industry with the Taoiseach, the IDA and others such as RCSI in Dublin and was co-author of a feasibility study which demonstrated that Ireland has the capacity to be a world leader in this area with indigenous companies such as ViP.

Previously, Mr Wynn held various positions including Head Teacher of two secondary schools in the UK, where he pioneered the use of ICT, Head of Research at RM Plc, and Partners in Learning lead for EMEA at Microsoft.

Mr Wynn holds a first class degree in Mathematics from the University of Hertfordshire. He is a director of the 21st Century Learning Alliance Board in the UK.


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