ICS Grid: Tomorrow’s Classroom Today

Long standing supporter of education in Ireland, ICS Skills (formerly ECDL Ireland) launches ICS Grid for Learning.

A digital content and learning management service that provides access to over one million digital learning resources, as well as providing a hosted LMS (Learning Management System) to enable collaboration among teachers in creating courses and sharing their own resources.

Starting with Project Maths, the resources will be mapped to the Irish curriculum, and examination syllabi. Every resource is age appropriate and copyright-cleared for education so that teachers and students can use, edit and repurpose digital content in any way they like.

ICS Skills in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, Global Grid for Learning, and selected Irish Teachers from both Primary and Secondary level have worked diligently on this project over the last two years.

“We’re excited about the partnership with ICS Skills” said Edward Beechinor-Collins, Business Development Director of Global Grid for Learning, a Cambridge University Press company. “Our mission is to enhance education worldwide by providing teachers and students with access to an ever-growing repository of high quality, educationally relevant, and copyright-cleared digital content and tools. Working with local partners such as ICS Skills is an important way of achieving this mission.”

The library of learning resources, coupled with the content shared by the experienced teachers who use the ICS Grid delivers high quality digital content to education, helping teachers provide fun, engaging and personalised learning experiences for their students. Online tools are also provided to allow teachers to deliver and manage a digital curriculum to students both in the classroom and outside 24/7.

ICS Skills source and select only the best resources for the classroom, consistently bringing reliable, appropriate and relevant education content into Ireland’s classrooms.

ICS Skills strongly believes innovative education is a priority as a primary route to preparing young people for high quality employment. Interactive whiteboards, laptops, virtual learning environments (VLE’s) are the tools of a modern classroom; not in the classroom of tomorrow but in the here and now.

Explore the ICS Grid on www.ics.ie/grid

The official ICS Grid launch will take place at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival, Saturday 16th October at 1:00pm.


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