Virtual World Primary School Project


The Virtual World Primary Schools Project is a 3D online learning environment where exceptionally able and twice exceptional children enjoy the opportunity to connect, create and collaborate. This is the first time 3D immersive technology has been used within a primary school setting in Ireland to support the primary curriculum. The pilot project, based in a national school in Carlow, demonstrated that 3D learning software allows exceptionally able children to unlock abilities which can go unnoticed in a traditional learning environment. It is planned to extend the project to 20 schools nationwide within in the current academic year.

A little bit about the speakers….


James Corbett (B.E. Computer Engineering, University of Limerick) has 14 years experience in the IT industry working for multinationals, Apple, Motorola and Analog Devices. James also acted as technical adviser to Gaelscoil O’Doghairin, Co. Limerick where he worked alongside visionary Principal Daithi O’Murchu. With seed funding from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland his company Daynuv, which he co-founded in 2009, is now developing virtual worlds for education, with a focus on applications for special needs and disability.


Margaret Keane (B.A. Communication Studies) is the founder of, the voluntary advocacy and support website for exceptionally able and twice exceptional children in Ireland. The site provides information, resources and a forum for parents and teachers and hosts a free series of webinars, supported by NCTE, through the global educators network Margaret has worked in corporate video production, publishing, ICT skills training and web design. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee.


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