Interactive Whiteboards in the Primary Classroom

Simon Lewis is well known for his research and views on Interactive Whiteboards throughout Ireland.  In this session, Simon will speak about which of the 28 Interactive Whiteboards available in Ireland he would recommend before showing participants several ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard to support learning in the classroom.

Combining tools such as YouTube, Literactive, Wordle and Ask About Ireland, to name just a few, the session will illustrate how children can learn 21st century skills while still supporting the aims of the revised primary curriculum.

This session is aimed at anyone who wants to see how children learn today.  Teachers can pick up new innovative ideas to use their board.  Parents can try out activities that can be done at home on the Internet.  Management teams and others can get an independent view of the world of Interactive Whiteboards.


Simon Lewis is a former computer science graduate who decided to become a teacher after the dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Through a series of fortunate events, Simon qualified in the UK, passed his Irish exams and settled in Carlow, where he is now the principal of Carlow Educate Together National School.

Simon is the editor of, a magazine-style web site, which is aimed at all primary school teachers and focuses on all aspects of good practice in education.  It currently has a readership of over 1 million per annum


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