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ITL Festival Exhibitor 4 – Fluirse Education Solutions

Fluirse Education Solution’s specialises in designing and developing interactive media and software that coincides with the school curricula. Fluirse aspires to become the main provider of curricula-aligned software and they aim to do this by working closely with educators across the board in order to improve the teaching and learning experience for all. Anois, the company’s flagship series of products, were developed to address the needs of Irish language teachers and their curriculum. Anois was extremely successful so the company started working on a range of other primary school curriculum products.

Fluirse is unique in their approach as they:

  • work closely with teachers, parents and education experts
  • support teachers and parents with specialised training materials
  • put education first and integrate technology where useful

If you would like to find out more information about Fluirse Education Solutions log onto

We are delighted to announce that Fluirse will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010.

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Importance of Technology In Education

How educational material is prepared and presented by teachers’ plays a fundamental role is the dissemination of knowledge. Technology can help educators to create effective ways of preparing for class, of  transferring knowledge to their students and inspiring pupils to advance their studies further. Research has shown that presentation visuals supported by technology could be used to improve students understanding and retention of the course curriculum. The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival has been specifically designed with this in mind. The conference and exhibition will look at the importance of technology in education today and how it can play a fundamental role in classroom activities.

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ITL Festival Exhibitor 7 – Imex

Imex has been supplying solutions and products to its offices in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland for nearly 40 years. They provide Test and Measurement solutions to colleges, universities and numerous other companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

In 1998, Imex expanded its business into audio visual and interactive training solutions. This enabled the company to develop and specialise in the area of design, production and implementation of interactive teaching technology. Imex differs from other companies in that they do not offer an extensive range of products. The company prefers to work with some of the leading manufacturers in the business at the moment and select. The company focuses on a relatively small range of products, which in turn allows Imex to have a better understanding of how the product should be modelled and shaped to suit their customer’s needs. In doing so, Imex can obtain the best price as they tend to buy in bulk and they offer excellent support services.

The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival is delighted to announce that Imex will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010.

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Speaker announced: Leo McCloskey

Leo McCloskey of Termoncanice School shall be speaking at the conference. Here is an article written by him showing how technology has revolutionised his school, for the better!  To see the origional blog post see

Spotlight on Termoncanice Primary

Back in 2005 SOS GROUP sold Termoncanice Primary School over 20 Promethean Interactive Whiteboards. We installed and trained them on how to use them…..and they haven’t looked back since. They have now reached the heights of creating a digital creative classroom, pupils creating animated videos and exploring the world of Apple iMacs including software such as garageband, imovies and idvd. They have also invested in our brilliant learner response devices ACTIVvote and ACTIVexpression. This is a school that is unquestionably committed to academic excellence through ICT

Apples Blooming In Granny’s Garden!!

Termoncanice Primary School has a wide array of educational ICT equipment but as yet they haven’t got a machine that will travel back 20 years in time!! While my hair may be arctic blonde and the forehead looks like a page in an exercise book, fortunately the memory hasn’t gone…… yet!!

Back in 1989, when I started teaching , the old BBC computers were all the rage and Granny’s Garden was at the cutting edge of gaming technology in schools. A Computer disc looked like the microfilm in a spy movie. In time schools moved on to the Archimedes, the A3000 and the A500. Programmes such as Pendown and Our Facts were the forerunner for Word and Excel respectively. When the PC’s arrived notice board’s were filled with lovely stories printed in coloured ink, each paragraph a different colour. In time, I, like many of my peers, reckoned I had the full capabilities of the computer sussed. Powerpoint, Excel, Textease, Paint etc were used in a variety of lessons. There was nothing knew to be learned… or so I thought!

When I was told by the principal Mr Seamus Coyle that I was getting an Interactive Whiteboard I said “Great!”, what I meant was “What’s on earth is an Interactive Whiteboard??”. ( having sussed the full potential of a PC I couldn’t admit the truth!!).The board arrived in my room in Easter 2005 and my class were spellbound by this technological marvel. One pupil was on the verge of tears when the installation was delayed by a day. In a short time all of the staff were smitten by my the IWB and were convinced of it’s benefits.

One year later all twenty two classrooms in Termoncanice had an interactive whiteboard. All the permanent members of staff are trained to at least Promethean Level 2 standard. I attained Level 3 in September 2008 and some other staff members are working towards this level. The boards and the training represent a huge commitment from the principal in terms of money and time. Prior to the new curriculum it showed the school placed ICT on a level footing with Mathematics and Literacy. The IWB’s are only one part of Termoncanice’s commitment to academic excellence through ICT. We have invested in the Activ Voters and Active Expression voters which compliment the boards. The voting pods have tremendous learning potential for children across the curriculum. I have used them in end of term Maths tests, results are not only instant but they provide diagnostic information. I might even go as far as to say they made testing fun. Termoncanice have a well equipped ICT suite so that children can spend some time every week learning other subjects though the use of ICT. The C2K platform has been used extensively in all lessons in a bid to make the learning context more interesting. Pupils have produced websites, movies, animations and composed their own music using the ICT equipment available to them.


ICT coordinator Mr Eamon Toner is a busy man. On a day to day basis he ensures that teachers not only avail of the superb computer suite but also the Bee Bots , Roamers and other control devices in the school. He has also spent the last two years as part of the Mediascape project. Eamon, his class and learning support teacher Miss Hilda Quinn, have been customizing PDA’s so that they can tell parts of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch story when certain Hotspots are reached around the school. This project incorporates ICT, Literacy and Art. Kevin Coyle has been mentoring all participants through this exciting and challenging technological journey Termoncanice lead a cluster of other schools in a pilot exploring the use of Apple Computers. The staff involved were trained in the use of the apple and given themes such as Bullying to explore via the Apple Mac. The results were excellent and shared between schools when they met together.

Learning support teacher, and Vice Principal, Mary Harron used programmes such as Comic Life and I Can Animate to great effect. When Mrs Harron organised the Summer Literacy School in 2008 I was invited along to enhance the Literacy experience through ICT. Plays were filmed, animations of the American Civil War were created and an excellent Punch and Judy show was captured on film. In the room next door to where I started teaching is the new Digital Creative Classroom. The room is equipped with 12 iMacs, a place where technology meets creativity. The IWB is connected to an iMac so that teachers can show the pupils how to avail of programmes such as iMovie, Garageband, iDVD etc.

In the middle of the room an area has been provided to shoot movies and produce animations. The green wall allows the film editors to put a host of different backdrops into the finished product. A sound proof booth facilitates the creation of podcasts and will be the ideal location for final editing of movies and animations. As Literacy coordinator I am excited about the potential for the subject in this room ICT is embedded into the culture as well as the curriculum in Termoncanice. After twenty years it’s nice to see Apples blooming in Granny’s Garden!!

Leo McCloskey

Termoncanice P.S

Neil Bruton – The 4C Initiative


Content. Capability. Connect. Collaborate.

Neil Bruton, a former Marketing and International Business and Management student of Dublin City University, is currently supporting the 4C Initiative project with funding from Cambridge University Press and the Nominet Trust.

The 4C Initiative is a series of projects aimed at increasing digital content capacity for education on a global scale. It can be used to provide educators and learners with the skills to discover, use, create and share content with others in the learning community worldwide.

Neil Bruton

It is believed that the 4C Initiative can be used to:

• Encourage collaboration within the global education community

• Build digital content publishing capacity

• Advance use of technology and the opportunity of learning through technology

• Encourage the use of the Internet to discover and use learning resources for educational outcomes.

One of the latest initiatives focused on capacity building amongst educators. With the support of Nominet Trust and Cambridge University Press, 18 free online sessions on various aspects of digital content for education with a particular focus on open and free content have been created and delivered. International experts delivered the sessions on their particular area of expertise. All sessions were delivered over Cisco Webex web conferencing system. Topics such as digital images, learning objects, reference content, audio, video and lesson plans were discussed in different sessions. They also looked at how these resources can be sourced, modified and used in the classroom. Sessions looked at issues such as the use of digital games, Google Apps, and interactive whiteboards in the classroom. All sessions were recorded and are available to be viewed at

The ITL Festival are delighted to join up with the 4C Initiative to share some valuable resources with our viewers. Finding educational resources online can be challenging for teachers but with these videos and resources, 4C have made it simple! Special thanks to Neil Bruton of 4C Initative for his help.

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ITL Festival Exhibitor 22 – contains a range of AV equipment which has been specifically designed for educational purposes, business presentations and training environments. Clever Products include interactive whiteboards, projectors and specialised software. For more information about Clever Products simply log onto

We are delighted to announce that Clever Products will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010.

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ITL Festival Exhibitor 21 – Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments technology specialises in providing affordable
and portable ICT solutions for both science and maths education at a fraction of the cost of providing a new ICT suite. TI technology encourages whole class interaction amongst students. To find out more about Texas Instruments contact

The Irish Teaching and Learning Festival is delighted to announce that Texas Instruments will be showcasing some of their products at the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010.

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