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The following are questions which may be posed frequently by customers in relation to the Irish Teaching and Learning Festival. The answers supplied will be updated on a regular basis.

1.      After applying for the festival, am I obligated to attend?

There is no obligation to attend, on arrival to the festival, a goody bag and name tag will be ready for each attendee. If you decide not to attend, you may email us at info@itlfestival.ie to indicate you will not be attending and we will cancel your registration accordingly.

2.      The festival runs for two days, is it advisable to attend both days?

You may decide to attend both days, or alternately choose the Friday or the Saturday. When the full program is announced, you may decide you would prefer to attend the day you would find more appealing.

3.      Will the festival be shown online?

Although it will not be broadcast live online, the presentations will become available on Slideshare after the festival is complete.

4.      How is the festival being funded?

The festival is being run by Conference partners, the Dundrum based company. The exhibitors pay a fee to appear at the conference and the festival is run on this basis. Additionally, Promethean are the main sponsors of the festival.

 5.      What is the main focus of the festival?

The following are some of the key themes of the festival, while there will be some theoretical aspects, the practical sessions are going to be quite exciting. These include:

• Using your technology effectively in the classroom
• Collaborative Procurement: How schools can save by purchasing together
• Internet safety and cyberbullying
• New resources for teaching Irish, Maths and Science
• Special needs education in mainstream education, resources that are available for parents, teachers and schools

6.      Is this event run in collaboration with the department of education? Or if not, will the department play a role in the running and structure of the festival?

The teacher education section of the department of education shall be running a number of sessions during the conference. Although the department of education is not funding the event they are allowing their resources to be used at the festival to train teachers. 

7.      If people will need to sign up for seminars and if they will be on a first come basis?

If you register to attend the festival you will be kept up to date on all seminars, registration for seminars is not compulsory.

8.      Will the festival cater for parents as well as educators?

The festival will be as beneficial to parents as it will be for educators. The exhibitors and speakers will provide parents with great insights into how the education of their children may be enhanced.

9.      Where will the festival be taking place? Will accommodation and parking be available?

The festival location is the recently opened Citywest Conference Centre, easily accessible from all parts of the country via the M50 and M7. There is ample accommodation and free parking on site with excellent meeting and catering facilities.

10.  What are the opening and closing times of the festival?

Friday, 15th October: 10am – 5pm
Trade exhibition: 9am – 6pm

Saturday, 16th October: 10am – 4pm
Trade exhibition: 9am – 5pm

 For any additional comments or questions you have please post them here and a reply will be issued as soon as possible.


The ITL Festival team


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