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Irish Teaching and Learning Festival 2010 – Promethean Seminar Sessions

Session 1 – Friday at 14:00

Speaker: Janice Black, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Promethean, and Gill Leahy, Head Teaching and Learning Consultant, Promethean and Secondary Maths Specialist.










Seminar title: (Maths + Technology) x Innovative Practice = Inspired Learners.

Biography: Janice is an experienced primary school teacher, and Gill Leahy has 19 years teaching maths in secondary education. Both are ICT-enthusiasts with a passion for innovation and creativity in teaching, having worked in classrooms all over the world, they have seen the impact of technology in teaching younger learners.

Committed to the development of interactive whiteboard best practice, they aim to share their knowledge and skills with educators and PGCE students, helping them embed ICT into their pedagogy and realise the potential of digital tools.

Seminar synopsis:

Maths is an integral part of any school curriculum and day to day life but it is not an easy subject to teach. Increasingly numeric and analytic skills are highly sought after, and are much in demand in higher education and the workplace. However the teaching of the subject has posed several challenges for teachers – how to engage learners? Show relevance in the real world? How can teachers support individuals?

No matter what level you teach, you will see how interactive whiteboard and handheld learner response devices, accompanied by innovative teaching methods and resources, can renew enthusiasm – dramatically improving assessment, student motivation and participation in an everyday maths lesson.


Session 2 – Saturday at 13:00

Speaker: Samantha Clewes, Teaching and Learning Consultant in Ireland, Promethean and former secondary school teacher






Seminar title: How to use an interactive whiteboard effectively in your classroom.

Biography: An experienced secondary school teacher, Samantha specialised in Geography and the application of ICT.


Utilising her education and technology experience gained from the classroom, Samantha joined Promethean in 2009 as a Teaching and Learning Consultant. She is committed to developing of interactive whiteboard best practice, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help educators and students integrate ICT and help them realise the full potential of the technology.


Samantha also works closely with publishers and software houses to ensure resources designed for interactive solutions truly meet the needs of the classroom.


Seminar synopsis:

The interactive whiteboard is a relatively new tool in to Irish classrooms and the curriculum but embracing new technology shouldn’t be daunting.


So whether you’re a primary, second or third level teacher, a newcomer to ICT or an expert – you’ll gain practical tips on:

–          Planning lessons and creating content

–          Personalisation and participation

–          Cross-curricular strategies

–          Classroom management and appealing to different learning styles


This session will not only help teachers get to grips with their interactive whiteboard, using software and incorporating multimedia, but it will also demonstrate how effective use of this technology could save you time.
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Check out our new blog – Interactive Whi

Check out our new blog – Interactive Whiteboards and Simon Lewis from –

Interactive Whiteboards in the Primary Classroom

Simon Lewis is well known for his research and views on Interactive Whiteboards throughout Ireland.  In this session, Simon will speak about which of the 28 Interactive Whiteboards available in Ireland he would recommend before showing participants several ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard to support learning in the classroom.

Combining tools such as YouTube, Literactive, Wordle and Ask About Ireland, to name just a few, the session will illustrate how children can learn 21st century skills while still supporting the aims of the revised primary curriculum.

This session is aimed at anyone who wants to see how children learn today.  Teachers can pick up new innovative ideas to use their board.  Parents can try out activities that can be done at home on the Internet.  Management teams and others can get an independent view of the world of Interactive Whiteboards.


Simon Lewis is a former computer science graduate who decided to become a teacher after the dotcom bubble burst in 2000. Through a series of fortunate events, Simon qualified in the UK, passed his Irish exams and settled in Carlow, where he is now the principal of Carlow Educate Together National School.

Simon is the editor of, a magazine-style web site, which is aimed at all primary school teachers and focuses on all aspects of good practice in education.  It currently has a readership of over 1 million per annum – – Take the ITL Festival survey! Voice your opinions and see what other have to say Virtual World Primary School Project


The Virtual World Primary Schools Project is a 3D online learning environment where exceptionally able and twice exceptional children enjoy the opportunity to connect, create and collaborate. This is the first time 3D immersive technology has been used within a primary school setting in Ireland to support the primary curriculum. The pilot project, based in a national school in Carlow, demonstrated that 3D learning software allows exceptionally able children to unlock abilities which can go unnoticed in a traditional learning environment. It is planned to extend the project to 20 schools nationwide within in the current academic year.

A little bit about the speakers….


James Corbett (B.E. Computer Engineering, University of Limerick) has 14 years experience in the IT industry working for multinationals, Apple, Motorola and Analog Devices. James also acted as technical adviser to Gaelscoil O’Doghairin, Co. Limerick where he worked alongside visionary Principal Daithi O’Murchu. With seed funding from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland his company Daynuv, which he co-founded in 2009, is now developing virtual worlds for education, with a focus on applications for special needs and disability.


Margaret Keane (B.A. Communication Studies) is the founder of, the voluntary advocacy and support website for exceptionally able and twice exceptional children in Ireland. The site provides information, resources and a forum for parents and teachers and hosts a free series of webinars, supported by NCTE, through the global educators network Margaret has worked in corporate video production, publishing, ICT skills training and web design. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee.